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Good health is actively and decisively performing in a manner that promotes strength, improved nourishment, and reduced stress, to enable a calmative affect on the body and mind.

Getting fit and healthy prescribes the conditions of being in possession of the energy and motivation required to achieve the things you most want in life without the distractions or trauma of illness.

When you are fortunate enough to achieve good health, you are able to enjoy the good things in life without feeling guilt or shame because you are content and secure in your ability to moderate your mental and physical behaviours.

Getting fit and healthy is best described as the state of being free of any addictions and compulsions! Most individuals recognise that the term good health is better described by separating it into two categories, that being physical health and mental health.

Physical Health
The term physical health is referring to a good quality of body health which is in good condition because of regular physical exercise, high-quality nutritional intake, and satisfactory rest and recuperation. Generally, when a group of human beings experience enhanced standards of living, nutrition, healthcare, or quality of life, their height and weight usually increase.

In fact, when most individuals are asked for a definition of health, they usually always speak of physical health. Physical health is basically relatable to anything concerning our body at a physical level. Physical health has been the foundation for numerous dynamic living campaigns and the countless nutritional trends that have swept the developed world. Now days, individuals are exposed to copious amounts of physical health data that it is difficult to decide what is relevant and what is not.

Another term often used for describing physical health is physical wellbeing. The term physical wellbeing is defined as something an individual can achieve by combining and increasing all health related components of their lifestyle. The term fitness reflects an individual's cardio respiratory stamina, muscular strength, body flexibility and composition. Other contributors to physical wellbeing incorporate correct nutrition, weight management, refraining from drug and alcohol abuse, conscientious sexual behaviour, general hygiene, and sufficient sleep.

Physical Health can be further divided into two more categories:

  • Structural health - this refers to strong bones, muscles, and correctly functioning organs. Structural health is connected to an individual's height and weight ratio, their body mass index (BMI), their heart rate (resting pulse rate), and their recovery time after performing a high intensity aerobic exercise routine.
  • Chemical Health - this refers to there being an excellent chemical balance within the body. Chemical health in an individual's body is connected to the acceptable hormone release, ensuring that the tissues contain the right balance of nutrients, and the proper functioning of the body's natural detox to remove toxic chemicals.

Mental Health
Mental health refers to an individual's cognitive and emotional well being. An individual that benefits from good mental health usually does not have a mental disorder. According to world health organisation, mental health is a condition of well being in which the individual understands his or her own capabilities, can cope with the typical stresses of life, can work effectively and rewardingly, and is a valuable contribution to his or her community.

Regardless of the many definitions concerning mental health, its evaluation is still very subjective. Individuals have always found it much easier to give explanation as to what mental illness is, rather than explaining mental health. Most individuals will agree to the statement that mental health refers to the absence of mental illness. But this definition is unsatisfactory for many individuals doubting their mental health. There is argument that if you select twenty individuals who do not suffer from any noticeable mental disorder or illness that could be identified by a psychiatrist, some of those selected individuals will be mentally healthier than others.

Many individuals also agree that mental health incorporates the ability to bounce back from adversity, the ability to adjust and be flexible, the ability to attain balance and moderation, the ability to feel safe and secure, the ability to just basically enjoy life by making the best of what you have.

Mental health can be further clarified or simplified by stating that:

  • Mental health incorporates our emotional, psychological, and social well being. It influences how we think, feel and perform as we navigate through life. It also assists in establishing how we handle stress, communicate with others, and make lifestyle choices. Mental health is of great significance to all stages of life, from childhood and adolescence right through to adulthood and the aged.

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